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Fabric Formula #1

This ceramic project changed the traditional slip casting process for showing the unique beauty bought by fabric in mass production.

Using the fabric mould for slip casting. When slip pours into the mould, which automatically attaches the fabric to the inner wall of the mould due to gravity, the inner wall of one mould is covered by the fabric. Correspondingly, half of the ceramic texture of the demoulded ceramic product comes from the fabric texture naturally.

As for the form of Fabric Formula 1, half of the ceramic after the moulding is like being elegantly wrapped by the fabric, resulting in an interesting contrast with the smooth, natural surface pattern coming out of traditional moulding.

We explored the possibility of different roles of general fabrics in mould production. The uncertainty caused by artificial factors is thereby transformed into the unique beauty of the product itself. In the context of mass production, giving each product a unique shape will result in the unique relationship between the product and the customer

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