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Fabric Formula #2

The industrial mould, one of the symbols of contemporary mass production, are used for a remix and redesign with fabric, for the purpose of showing the unique beauty bought by textile in mass production, including randomness and demonstrating the perfection of the production brought by standardization and stylization in mass production. The users thus eliminate their inherent impression of the consistency of the shape of objects produced by mould, and more importantly, feel a visual and tactile illusion brought by the technical sense of the fabric itself in mass-produced products.

Most of the traditional plastic chair was injection moulded and then surface-decorated with fabric, but Fabric Formula NO.2 changed this making process through using a special low-melting plastic-Polymorph and dynamic metal mould to form the way of first wrapping the fabric and moulding to create a chair.

The advantage of this type of processing is that the mould folding effect of the folded fabric can appear rigid on the surface of the final stool. The contrast between the hard texture of the stool and the visual softness of the fabric surface creates an interesting sensory illusion.

Designer explored the possibility of different roles of traditional fabrics in mould production. The uncertainty caused by artificial factors is thereby transformed into the unique beauty of the product itself. In the context of mass production, giving each product a unique shape will result in the unique relationship between the product and the customer.

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