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Celebrating the natural light and shadow, the ceramic series of Lunar captures the colour of the lunar aureole through the colour glaze, expressing the praise of natural light and shadow.

In terms of colour, the spray gun with a small aperture nozzle was used to spray on the undulating arc surface to form a subtle colour gradient effect; on the whole, it abides by the concept that colour follows form.

As for tactile sense, the glazes with different frosting tactile degrees were transitionally sprayed and overlapped with each other, forming a gradual change in tactile sense and gloss in addition to colour.

Double-sided glazing and manual silver tracing make each piece more exquisite, ensuring the integrity of each utensil when viewed from any angle. The plate can be used to place things on both sides, also gets new ways to store and stack, which creates a freer user experience.

In modelling design, Lunar reduces the design intervention of appearance design in the body. The concave arc surface at the bottom of the utensil is a natural collapse formed due to the joint action of ceramic softening and self-weight under high-temperature firing, eventually leading to the graceful transitional arc surface. Porcelain is by nature malleable, soft and warm. It’s only in the firing process that it gets rigid, hard and cool. Lunar expresses the true nature of the material. The application of this material property just becomes the appearance design language which unifies the style of the whole collection.

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